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SEO – Tags

Cheap SEO London – Meta-Tags Another important facts in search engine optimisation¬†are meta-tags. This is a “must-have” parameter in your website. There are many types of meta-tags. To increase your visitors and to build a strong SEO campaign. Title Tag – The Title shown in your browser tab. This is the most important tag H1,H2,H3 – Is the tags that you can set on certain keywords which helps search engine to figure out what is your website about Alt-tags – Are some keywords that you set on all your images. Search engines can`t read a text in a picture , so you help search engine to read the picture by… Read More

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SEO-Step 1

SEO – SITEMAP .XML Having a sitemap on your website, it`s an essential factor. It ussualy has .xml extension and contains a list with your pages,articles or products. Why is important? Because with it , you show to search engine what to crawl and when. This helps visitors and search engine crawlers find pages on the site. You can submit an .xml sitemap in Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster, but the sitemap must be configured properly before submission. When this sitemap is submitted, all pages and posts are indexed in search engines and they`re ready to get organic visitors. In SEO there are many important factors that makes an website… Read More

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