SILO Arhitecture

SILO ARHITECTURE IN A WEBSITE STRUCTURE All ranking and seo tehniques matters, more or less, but a strong SILO Structure of your website will help you even more, now when meta-keyword tag was disabled by Google Algorithm. How a SILo arhitecture should look like? Imagine a tree but upside down. The root is the Home-page,all branches are pages and all leaves are posts. If you adopt this style , not only as sub-menu items , but as child-pages linked to homepage , and posts linked from child pages and linking back to them.

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Latest SEO Updates

Latest SEO Updates – No more meta keywords! Meta-tags are disabled from Google`s Algorithm Since the last update of SERP algorithm Penguin, the meta-keyword tag, is no more valuable for Google Search Engine. They also improved the way you are able to rank a website. The only strategy that really works , is powerfull and unique content, and the presence of keywords in content. The meta – keywords are considered things that helps the robots to see what is the website about. But this is what they want to remove… they want to make the algorithm to think like human. So from the begining of rankings Search engines try to… Read More

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