seo services londonSEO is an on-going process that is permanently changing but, the initial optimisation of all important factors of seo is the most important and remains almost the same.The webmasters called these procedures On-page SEO or On-Site SEO because they are the main factors that are used to rank a website and they doesn`t change very often.

If they are setted up correctly then it will be more easy to do all seo procedures and link-building to obtain the best rankings in your market niche.


icon-seoMost important factors in ON-Page SEO :

-Title and description Tags, Image alt-tags,Header tags,Page content quality,Keywords density,Site Structure,Internal links,SEO Friendly URL-s,Website loading Speed,CSS / Javascript minify,Robots.txt configuration,Sitemap xml creation and submission,Duplicate content checks,Anchor texts and Mobile usability 



47DMT Design&Solutions will manage the initial on-page search engine optimisation which would be a one-time process to ensure the website is fully working and using all available features which improve crawling and indexing ability.

On-page SEO will cover everything needed from keyword research and page semantics, user experience, header tags, content,internal links, site speed, crawl data and mobile responsivity.

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