Local SEO for small businesses

local-seoIn this years where most of people are "conected" usually they turn on location services when searching on Google different products or services, and this allows search engines to find businesses close to them. When you search for a business on Google, it will show a map of the local area, with 3 local listings, a selection of three businesses closest to your location. So, local SEO is now more important than ever for businesses with one headquarter, or a few branches in a certain location.


local seo services londonMost of Google searches are now made out on a smartphone or tablet pc while customers are out and they need the product or service right now. This makes conversion rates for local searches very high. More than half of smartphone users who do a local search will visit a local store within 24 hours,so this means more traffic and potential customers visiting your location.


seo services londonLocal SEO is important, even for companies that don’t sell on web, so they can get more foot traffic in your store or showroom and real visits. Many consumers now do online research before they buy a product or use a service, and will then visit local businesses based on their Google search. If you don't use local SEO techniques, this means you are one step behind with web marketing. Local SEO focuses on keywords related to your location, and promoting your business to those who are searching for your services or products based on their location.

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