What is PPC?


seo services londonPaid Search marketing is the process of advertising within the sponsored listings of a search engine, partners websites or Social Media platforms.

This service is usually paid for each time a user clicks on the sponsored ad (pay-per-click/PPC).

new_seo2-04-512How does pay per click give benefits to businesses?Pay per click is the best marketing channel when setup and managed correcyly.

PPC is essential to businesses as it can provide a quick means of generating website traffic which can grow your conversions or sales. Pay per click can literally be switched on or off anytime, giving advertisers the best deal of flexibility.

When Pay-Per-Click is implemented correctly, it can offer large return on your investment,but also , if the campaign isn`t created correctly may can be ineffective and very expensive.

ppc servicesPaid search can be highly effective if managed as it should. You can control your daily budget and how much you want to spend for a specific campaign or advert.

We are just focused on results, after a certain time of campaign running and after we gather all the informations needed , we will use them to increase your QS (Quality Score) and to pay less for each click!

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