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Traffic types for an website

There are threee types of traffic when you want to check from where your website has a visitor.

1. Direct – this means that an user write directly in address form your website ( . This visitor actually knows about your company and services , and also know the URL( of your website.

2. Referal –  this means that an user finds your website from another one – Like Social Media (Facebook,Twitter,Google+) , or from external sources like other company`s website. This is very good trafic for you because you get NEW VISITORS , that is very good for your website.

3. Organic – this means that a person searches some services or goods on search engines (like Google,Bing,Yahoo). This type of traffic is the most valuable because here you find only the visitors that really need your services or goods. So you don`t have to do nothing to get these customers – they will find you and they will contact you. But also for getting customers from Organic Searches your website has to be very good optimised on specific meta-keywords.

On the next article i will write about how you can get this types of traffic and how you can transform new visitors, in returning visitors.

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