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We have the most affordable seo packages in UK and worldwide. We make for your website On-page, Off-page, Local SEO and All in one ranking solutions

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It doesn't matter if you have a small business or an online store we can help you with all your needs. We can develop from simple to complex websites!

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If you need an extra boost and get visible quicker than organic seo, we can help with managing your Pay-per-click Campaigns on major search engines.

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If you need a powerfull and secured online store ,with online payments and online store promotions so you will get customers and sales!

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What we do?

We are a London Webdesign and marketing company that focuses on results, based on long-term and white-hat tehniques. Your business will be more visible online among search engines, and you will get more visits and customers. We offer webdesign,e-commerce solutions , seo and pay-per-click campaigns. We are qualified to handle your ppc campaigns aswell as gathering data from analysis tools.

Science of Seo

Search engine optimization is the science that puts together strategies, techniques and research, aiming  to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the results page of a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo. If you have a new business, but you don`t have customers as you expect , we have the best solution for you. The power of Search Engines! With our seo procedures, your website will be on top of SERP, people will reach your website , and they are potential clients for your services or goods. Your success is our success , let people find your business with our special seo services , and solutions.

Website Optimisation

There are many different aspects of good optimisation, and most of them aren’t visible to visitors. Of course you can see some SEO tactics like the URL, header tags, and keywords within the context, but more important than these are factors like site speed, sitemaps. That doesn’t mean that they’re not just as important, but we try to cover every aspect of SEO procedures to meet your needs, including technical SEO.Technical optimisation can be seen if you inspect the source code of a website, and use different tools. We check IP detection and redirection, your website speed, 301 & 302 redirects, http headers, javascript, to get the best benefits from this aspect of SEO.

Organic Results

The cheapest and most stable solution, is to create a website for you in order to increase your online visibility , and transform visitors in real customers.We have the most affordable seo services in uk, marketing agency ,website design and pay-per-click(ppc) advertising on most famous search engines. Google doesn’t automatically crawl every section of your site. As a result, if you’re wasting Google’s time on pages that are not optimised you may loose your rankinks. A Strong SILO architecture is the only way to avoid this. If you ignore any technical SEO facts, this could be a real problem for your site. Let us drive organic traffic!

Technical SEO

If you are using the wrong header codes or tags you might be in problem aswell. Users and search engines always need solid header codes to be able to crawl your pages, and if you haven’t properly optimised your site for this aspect, you could miss one of the most important aspects of your seo procedures. Faster website has been ranked better for years, and search engines are taking this as an important seo fact. If your site is slow to load, Google may lower it`s rank because isn't a good experience for visitors. a good hosting is mandatory , but there are factors as importants as the server speed and configuration. An example of optimisation is compression of images. 

Keyword Research

When you want to optimise your website, first you need to know which are the most searched keywords, and on what keywords to focus. The best tool I recommend for keyword research is Google Keywords Planner.

Firstly we think about what`s your business about, what services or products you sell, and write down a list of keywords. We  need to think what to write on search engine so people can find the products or goods like yours. Then we put each word from the list on Keywords Planner so it can generate a list of keywords, derivate from yours and it tells us very useful informations : how many searches they estimate a month for those keywords. This is a huge help that Google gives to you, so we know on which keywords to focus in your SEO campaign.

After this we need to find your potential competitors, usually the first 5 websites that appear in organic SERP when you type one of your keywords. Then we make a list of url`s for each keyword , because this is the place we want you to be, on FIRST PAGE! So all our researches needs to be related to the websites are already on first page.

Then we analyse your competitor’s website for different factors. We use tools to do this. With this, we can make an idea about how far you need to get, in order to rank your website. If you have a high competition, will take longer to rank on first page, but all depends about our work, efforts and knowledge. Then the competitors will show you what types of links you can build in the link-building campaign. But we talk about this later on third Step. Basically after this first step we now have a list with the most searched keywords for your website and expressions ,which is very important!

On-Page SEO

After knowing your best keywords, we start to create content for your website. Most important to keep in mind during all time when we create your content is that we  add some of your keywords in the context, so the search engines will understand what is the website about.

Title Tag

This is one major SEO element, because is the title of the page. Each page should have unique title tags, but in same time relevant to the context and to the chosen keywords. If the title tag is the same for all pages, is considered that you are trying to spam that keyword to get better rankings.

Meta-keywords tag

Used to be the most important factor of seo, but after the last updates of search engines, they are apparently disabled.We add them of course, but we saw that they doesn’t count anymore as a seo factor, and doesn’t appear anymore in searches, under the website link and description. Now they are considered useless, because search engines realised that you should be found by your content from your website and its quality, not on something that can be manipulated easily. This fact makes searches more exactly.


This is the most important part in SEO – link-building. The procedures involves much effort and work because we need to create relevant links from other websites , to your website. Creating this backlinks basically we send FlowTrust to your website so it will get better rankings. The quality of backlinks is mandatory. Search engines doesn’t accept any more automatic backlinks made by scripts, and redirect backlinks, because they are not relevant and spammy.

Meta-description tag

This helps the search engine to understand a summary of your website content. It should contain also some of your keywords but not in excess, because will be considered spam. This need to match some keywords from your content aswell, so it will have relevance with the context.

Keywords in content

The content is the most important part. Your content should dominate your website , without excessive images. All you major keywords should be in the content, but with relevance , not put randomly in the article. If there are very important words  , they need to be bolded or written with a  different colours as you like so , easier to see .

Header Tags

When we say header tags we refer to the h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 tags. These should be declared in CSS with the difference in font size. That means that H1 tag should be the title of the body content, or article. Here the major keywords needs to be placed, but in same time it needs to be relevant to the content. Then the H2 tag is like sub-title of the article content. This is essential like the Title Tag because it helps search engine to determine the subject of your website’s products or services.

SILO Arhitecture

Before You Want To Launch Your Website We Try To Do Everything That You Need In Your Website, Logo, Design, Fonts,Colors,Menu And Content. But The Most Important And A Major Factor Is The SILO Arhitecture. The Initial Structure Building Is To Make All Main Pages Child To The Homepage. Then we create posts that link from and to the main pages. This helps indexing faster because it`s easier to navigate and the visitors can find quickly what they need!

Image ALT-Tags

We know that a website without photos is not good looking. Every websites are always “tuned” with photos, galleries and icons that describe their business. But how it’s possible for a search engine to realise about what is that picture? Because it will see only the filename and extension. But if we use an alt-tag on your images, this will tell to search engine the subject of the images. You always like to search for photos and wallpapers online right? And how you search for them? Because search engines can’t read a content of a photo, it reads the alt-tag so it will know how to group and sort them.

Search engine Optimisation

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