Search Engine Optimisation – Step 2

SEO – Meta-Keywords

One of the mandatory factors  on your website, are the meta-keywords. Your website can have more or less meta-keywords , but you need to have the best keywords in your market , because you can have keywords that nobody search for them, so your online visibility is not improved. You need to have the most searched keywords in your market niche, in order to receive valuable traffic and visitors.
Why is important? Because with them , you show to search engine what is your website about, what services or products you are selling or what you want to show to entire world..
This helps search engine crawlers to bring visitors to your site based on your meta-tags.
You also need to have a lot of content on your site , and to make sure you include the meta-keys inside your articles , in titles and
In SEO there are many important factors that makes an website successful.In next article we will present the meta-description , and how you can make SEO on your images also , using the alt-tags!
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